nth studio

We build audiences so that you can build your brand

We are a communications studio specialising in combining creative content with an opted-in audience


We identify your ideal customer by studying data and behaviour. This helps us understand their needs, preferences and activities.


We develop a customised communication plan and design campaigns to connect with the customer.


We bring the campaign to life by using visual tools including still photography, motion, animation and design.


We measure and analyse the response to continually refine our strategies, ensuring they align with your business objectives and maximise results.

Our primary goal is to make a significant impact on our clients business by integrating creative & data-driven solutions.

Nth Studio is a versatile communications studio specialising in combining creative content with consumer data and analytical tools to effectively target audiences and boost response rates and revenue.

We merge creative content…

We specialise in developing, producing and executing unique and engaging content. Our core strength lies in storytelling by crafting memorable brand narratives that connect with and leave a lasting impact on audiences.

…with data expertise.

A communication studio that provides original creative content & comprehensive opted-in consumer data.

Services include:

Audience analysis
Communication strategy
Creative direction

Earl Roberts

Head of Audience

Earl has over 20 years in management roles in media companies across the Asia Pacific region.
He has extensive experience working with governments and multi nationals to implement brand
funded regional marketing campaigns.Current clients include Equifax, Acxiom, Energy Australia, LifeFilght and Singapore Airlines. 

Christopher Ferguson

Creative Director
Christopher, a highly accomplished creative with a wealth of international experience, has returned to Australia after a decade in New York City.Throughout his career, he has embraced a variety of roles, including Creative Director, Director, Photographer, and Magazine Publisher. His impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned brands and institutions. His current clients include Myer, Country Road, Drizabone, Pacific Fair